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"Take a second to look awesome, time to go, walk in slow motion so you still look awesome."


dick: *gets boner*

me: chill


*Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock*

Do you wanna kill Garuuuuda???

Come on it’s been aaaaall day!

I don’t wanna see her any moooore!

That stupid whooore!

She has to go awaaaay!!!

She used to be so easy, but now she’s not…

I wish all my teams wouldn’t wiiiiipe!

Do you wanna kill Garuda….

It has to be EX Garuda… 


I am so ready…!

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Been wanting to start a tank or healer…

Anybody interested in starting anew as a tank/heals duo?

"And did you?"
"Did I what?"
"Fuck him like it was his last night in this world?"

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